Your Script

Review and modify Your List of Questions below…This is Your “Script”

When recording (step 2), read your script using a printed copy or by viewing this URL on a 2nd device

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  1. In what year were you born how close in age are you and how old are you today
  2. What is your first memory of each other?
  3. Tell a story in 2 min or less of when you got along well and acted as a team
  4. Tell a story of when you were little and did not get along well…what happened?
  5. What is your fondest memory of each other?
  6. Name five things that you admire in the other person (one at a time alternating turns)
  7. What is something that you are proud about or look up to in your sibling?
  8. How has your relationship changed over the years?
  9. Tell an embarrassing story about yourself that your sibling might not know
  10. Tell an embarrassing story about your sibling
  11. If you are both in your 80s and have to move in with each other…what are 3 ground rules for your new household?
  12. If you could only keep one gift that your sibling has given you, what would it be?
  13. If you could predict the future for your sibling, what would you like to see happen or for them to accomplish in their lifetime?
  14. Talk about how you would like to stay in touch over time…what ways work for you?
  15. If your sibling was a character from real life a work of art television Brooksville what character with a B and why or what characters will they be and why
  16. What are 3 positive habits your sibling has?  What is one area they could improve in?
  17. Sing it a fun duet together.  If you’re not willing, please explain what you would rather do than sing a duet together
  18. Capture your unique sense of humor on camera
  19. Explain why you love your sibling
  20. End this video however you want to!

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