Our Engagement

Your Script 

Review and modify Your List of Questions below…This is Your “Script”

When recording (step 2), read your script using a printed copy or by viewing this URL on a 2nd device

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  1. Name three things you and your partner have in common.
  2. How did you meet?  What was your initial reaction towards each other?
  3. What was your first real date like?  How did you feel afterwards?
  4. When did you know that you were in love?
  5. Tell your proposal story in detail.  How did you feel?  Was it a surprise?
  6. Show off your engagement ring to the camera.  How did you select this ring?
  7. When is your wedding date?  What are (or were) each of your top 2-3 wishes for your wedding day?
  8. What has been your favorite moment or event together?
  9. What is the craziest or most exciting thing you have done together?
  10. When has your partner helped you through a difficult time?  What did that mean to you?
  11. Alternate sharing what you like about your partner.  Share at least four items each.  Be very honest, saying things you might not normally say.
  12. Tell your partner what you are most thankful and grateful for about them.
  13. End this video however you would like to do so 😉

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