Military Service

Your Script

Review and modify Your List of Questions below…This is Your “Script”

When recording (step 2), read your script using a printed copy or by viewing this URL on a 2nd device

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  1.  Explain who your primary audience is:  current family, future family, Country, recruits, etc…
  2. When did you first consider joining the military?
  3. When did you decide to join the service?  What was the strongest reasons (or people) in making your decision
  4. What was the biggest adjustment to military life in your first 3 months?
  5. If authorized to explain, Where have you been stationed and what have you been in charge of?
  6. What did you learn in the military that you have been able to apply to your personal life?
  7. Who were your best friends during your time in the Service?
  8. Did you get to travel to any places in the Service?
  9. Why did you join?  What does being in the Service mean to you?
  10. Please add anything else important to your video
  11. If you could go back in time, would you join the military again?
  12. End with a message to your intended audience (Family, etc…)

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