Memories should last forever!

    This business has been closed and is no longer supporting weddings.


    What Is a Story Capsule?

    Story Capsules are fun, sharable videos that preserve Your stories forever


    Viewers stop watching videos after 1-2 minutes


    We professionally edit your stories into well-paced highlight clips to help you tell a memorable story that’s fun to watch


    Getting Started


    Recording your story is always free, so have fun!


    Film on any camera or phone…takes 10-20 minutes


    Check out our Gallery for ideas or purchase a Gift Card


    Then get started below

    Step 1: Tap the Text to Select a Theme

    Step 2:  Record Your Story

    Have fun recording on any camera or phone!


    We recommend you use
    • Clean backgrounds such as walls
    • Window-light on your face
    • Books or a tripod for steady filming
    • Sit close to each other
    • Keep your script out of camera sight

    Step 3: Select a Pricing Plan


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